Janice’s passion and energy brought the room to life, especially for an afternoon keynote that often has to fight the post-meal drag.

She had a room of HR, Benefits, and Wellness professionals out of their chairs to dance!

She took time to do pre-conference interviews, which not only brought a personal touch, but also made attendees feel even more confident that Janice understood their organization’s experiences, challenges and barriers. 

Janice shares personal experiences in a variety of industries, both good and bad, that empowers listeners to put into practice the tangible tips for banishing burnout personally, as well as for supporting teams as a leader within an organization. 

Lianna Fry

Executive Director, Working Well Conference of Wichita

Janice provided a dynamic presentation at the SHRM 2024 Conference in Chicago recently that was transformational and interactive.

I was impressed with her kind, sincere, and professional demeanor during her important topics regarding burnout and the impact it has on our lives.

She gave concrete examples and factual data that supported a fun-filled, engaging discussion on how we can better take a more conscientious approach in taking care of ourselves first – so we can take care of those we support in our workplace and lives at home.

Joseph Sarto (at SHRM 24)

Human Resources Manager, TASI Group

I enjoyed the most fun way all the detailed information about such a serious topic was communicated by Janice Litvin. And especially, the one minute dance segment was superb.

Dr. Mina Bizic (ASLO)

Principal Researcher, Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries

You are obviously a very talented and engaging presenter, who has lived experiences that make it easy to process the information and relate it to personal growth.


Susanne Menden-Deuer (ASLO)

Professor of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Oceanography

On behalf of the entire ABA team, I want to thank you for joining us in Austin for our 2022 Annual Convention.  The sharing of your expertise with our attendees is what makes the Convention a success.  We also appreciate the time you spent preparing for your session and being away from work and family. 

 We have received great feedback on the quality of the educational content provided, which is a reflection of your participation. I hope you found the conference valuable and that you had an opportunity to enjoy Austin!

Lauren Dwyer

Vice President, Executive Education & CEO Programs, American Bankers Association

At Janice’s opening keynote at the MMANC conference, her Banish Burnout presentation was not only informative but also exceptionally engaging. Her ability to connect with the audience through relatable examples and interactive elements left an impact. The session was both educational and inspiring, making it a highlight of the conference.

I had the pleasure of meeting Janice the evening before the conference. Her discussions and observations about the public sector and local government were insightful.

I wholeheartedly recommend Janice as a speaker and thought leader. Her expertise in banishing burnout is not only relevant but essential in today’s fast-paced world. She is a valuable contributor to any event or organization. I hope to work with her in future collaborations. Thank you, Janice!

Daniel Leonardich (MMANC)

Public Works Administration, City of Roseville (CA)

Janice provided our DiverseABILITY ERG a one-hour virtual seminar titled: Banish Burnout: Move from Stress to Success.

Janice was great with communication before the actual session to ensure alignment and tone.

The seminar, which was open to the entire company, was very well-received by everyone with excellent feedback.

Janice then graciously followed up with additional resources for our participants.

She was very animated (difficult in a zoom meeting), relatable and interactive with our group – giving specific tips that could be used to stop/reduce stress.

Would highly recommend Janice for your presentations!

Bill Hendrix

VP Technology, Valent U.S.A. LLC

Janice Litvin is a pleasure to work with and brought so much energy and value to our atendees at Destination West 2023. 

Not only did she provide our group with actionable ways to “Banish Burnout” during her keynote, she did so in a fun, charismatic way that really engaged the audience. 

Additionally, Janice was an active participant throughout Destination West, networking and connecting on a one-on-one basis with our attendees, providing the kind of personal touch that elevates the event experience for each guest. 

Thank you, Janice, for all your contributions to the success of Destination West!


Event Director, Northstar Meetings Group

Janice provided a Banish Burnout session for our ProDev Day 2023, a virtual conference hosted by three PMI Chapters. 

She was great to work with before and after the event. Her presentation was engaging and entertaining. The attendees really enjoyed her message and stories. 

The topic of burnout is one that we (especially project managers) need to be constantly mindful of and Janice provided great awareness and tools. 

If you are thinking about engaging her for your event — do it. 

Lynn Aubrey

Event Director - Professional Development Day, PMI Central Iowa

Janice came to our company’s Women Leaders meeting and gave an engaging, fun, and meaningful presentation about managing burnout both for ourselves, and our teams.

I especially appreciated the insight she provided on ways to set healthy boundaries in a professional way.

It takes a lot to get a room full of construction professionals and executives up and dancing but Janice found a way!

It was a day well spent.

Jeni Berreth

VP, Finance, Enerfab

Big thank you for speaking at our Women in STEAM (STEM) Mentoring Dinner at Ohlone College. It meant a lot to us, our students, industry mentors and the community attendees.

Thank you for your highly-powered and inspiring talk as our keynote speaker.

You left the attendees feeling very empowered to embrace their uniqueness.

Rose-Margaret Itua

Professor of Engineering & Founder, Smart Manufacturing Technology Program, Ohlone College

We really enjoyed Janice as she led a teambuilding session with our entire staff.

Her concepts on how to banish burnout were insightful and practical.

What really resonated with me was her quote, “Emotional intelligence is more important than technical skill in the workforce today.”

Janice’s session has made a difference in how our team interacts with each other and how we manage burnout.

Roland Williams

General Manager, Castro Valley Sanitation

Thank you! I am so excited to see a shift in the conversations we are prioritizing at a conference like MMANC.

I really appreciated having your keynote talk on burnout.

Thank you for all the great tools you shared and the engaging movement to reinforce the key take-aways.

And thank you for providing a deep-dive follow-up roundtable.

Amanda Rotella (MMANC)

Economic Development, City of Mountain View (CA)

Spencer Whalen, MBA, CEBS

Education Director, DC SHRM

Janice was a recent presenter at @PMI Suncoast Florida.

I recommend getting in touch with this engaging speaker.

I recommend her burnout prevention strategies and toolkit to anyone who cares about preventing burnout for their team.

Kathleen Hill, ITIL, PMP

Associate Solution Specialist, Stratascale, PMI Suncoast Florida

Janice was simply amazing. As I’m sitting here over lunch, I suddenly feel full. Fullfrom a sense of accomplishment. I’ve been stretched these last few months since joining the Board and have gone through many emotions…fear of dropping the ball, of taking on too much, of shooting too high, of rejection, and more.

This 2023, I resolved to own all these emotions…good or bad because my one aim is GROWTH…personally and professionally.

To anyone looking for an inspirational speaker, look into Janice! You’ll be glad you did.

Florence Rene

VP Publicity, PMI Central Illinois

We had a valuable learning event with Janice Litvin

She came to visit The Plus Group and did an outstanding presentation.

She got us all inspired, and really made us all realize what else we can do to prevent burnout, especially given the stressors we are all experiencing within the staffing industry and the world today.

Thank you, Janice. You really hit your points home.

Lance Snider

Vice President, The Plus Group (Staffing Firm)

I had the pleasure of seeing Janice present at the Credit Management Association.

I really like her approach.  She has a practical actionable process that will help you manage stress, such an important part of life.

Thank you, Janice.

John Cornell (CMA Conference)

President, Crescendo Trade Risk

With the integration of our personal and professional lives, there is a crossover of time. We are more over-committed and overburdened than ever before.

Understanding how to control our thinking and reactions to stress is vitally important to avoiding burnout. 

The lessons in Janice Litvin’s Banish Burnout program provide the tools and guidance needed to stay ahead.

Tamra Gaines

Vice President, Experiences, Cornerstone League

Wow! Janice did a virtual program for our HR Community and knocked it out of the park!

Her topic of Banishing Burnout was on point for our HR audience of 45 live attendees who spent the last 2 years dealing with Covid and related events.

Best of all, the program was engaging with a balance of facts, tools and participation. The group raved and all downloaded her toolkit immediately for more information.

Thanks Janice!

Lori Kleiman

HR Speaker, Founder, HR Topics

I highly recommend Janice Litvin’s presentation on how to Banish Burnout.

Janice was knowledgeable in the subject matter. The information and materials were clear and understandable.

And her presentation was engaging and very relevant to our group.


DeLynn Rummel, PMP

IT Project Coordinator, Milwaukee Tool (PMI Suncoast Florida)

I attended Janice’s Banish Burnout program at

Alice Chiang, MBA, PMP, PMI-ACP, PSM I

Project Manager, Andesa Services (PMI Suncoast Florida)

I attended Janice’s Banish Burnout program through Lori Kleiman’s HR Topics membership group.

Janice’s content was so helpful when it comes to managing stress. Her tools are clear, easy to understand, and easy toso  implement.

She is so good at engaging people virtually and can take a serious subject and entertain at the same time.

Julie Via

Senior Human Resources Consultant

Janice delivered a powerful presentation about “Banishing Burnout” at the CalSAE Elevate Annual Conference in April 2022.

It was Educational, Entertaining, and very Interactive. Janice shared how she experienced burnout and learned how to overcome it using some memorable techniques.

She saved the best for last by having everyone participate in a Zumba-style dance to music, where we moved and punched while shouting out the key takeaways of her session.

Kurt Shaver (Cal SAE)

Group Business Development Executive, Sonoma County Tourism

I had the great pleasure of attending one of Janice’s workshops at HR Houston, and I am so grateful for her. The content she provided was relevant and greatly needed. The energy and passion she brings to this topic is amazing.

My biggest take away from her workshop was how important self-care is to us and those around us.

I highly recommend you attend her Banish Burnout workshops. You will learn how to identify signs of burnout for yourself and team and how best to address it.

Thank you Janice for the work you do and I am so happy we had an opportunity to meet. 

Jamon Harrell

Director of Client Onboarding, Businessolver (at HR Houston)

Janice was our guest speaker at the Northern Illinois Society of Human Resources Management (NISHRM) meeting. Her presentation regarding Banishing the Burnout was very informative and interactive.

She was an inspirational speaker who provided great tools and recommendations on how professionals can manage their stress as well as develop ways to help their team members.


Marie Josephitis

Asst. Director - Career Advancement Center, Lake Forest College (Northern Illinois SHRM)

Many of the topics you touched were so apropos to my life, but I’m sure you’re not surprised by that.

One thing you said will stay with me forever. When you mentioned how you have your degree in Mathematics from U of Texas, but still question your intelligence. I have my Chemistry degree from Rutgers and I am constantly questioning if I am smart. It’s imposter syndrome but the way you said what you said made me kind of snap out of it.

Thank you for saying that. I can’t wait to read your book.

Victoria Cruz (Rutges University)

Chemical Control Specialist, IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances)

Isha Patel (Rutgers University)

Software Architect, Accenture

Brandon Rogers

MS Business & Science, Rutgers University

I am continually impressed by the results Janice produces!

Contra Costa County Bar Association brought Janice in to provide a much-needed burnout presentation not once, but twice for our attorneys.

Janice was easy to collaborate with. And, her presentation fit the bill, with humor, stories and helpful tips.

Kudos to Janice. Great job!

I absolutely recommend Janice as a keynote speaker on burnout in the workplace.

Anne Wolf

Director, Education & Events, Contra Costa County Bar Association

Fabulous presentation!

Would have been great to kick off the CA Public Employees Labor Relations Association Conference (Cal PELRA) with Janice.

BIG takeaway in those 18 power-packed minutes.

Thank you!

Dawn Cortesi (Cal PELRA)

Human Resources Manager, City of Manteca

Janice provided timely and impactful content during a 2021 webcast for a key group of our SHRM members.

She was a joy to collaborate with and presented an interactive and effective virtual session.

Would absolutely recommend Janice as a speaker on workplace wellness and burnout, in particular.

Thanks again for the time and expertise, Janice!

Meredith Nethercutt

Director, Member Advocacy, SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)

Janice spoke for our Project Management Institute (PMI) Mile Hi Chapter about banishing burnout and reducing stress at our December chapter meeting.

These are very timely topics especially with the travails over the last two years along with the stress of end of year deliverables and the holidays.

She gave a multitude of practical stress reduction techniques.

The audience appreciated her talk and advised it was just what they needed at this time. Stress reduction and banishing burnout will be a problem for the foreseeable future so consider leveraging Janice’s expertise to help your organization banish burnout.

Juliane Cooley

Program Chair, PMI - Mile High Chapter

Janice was the perfect speaker to close out The Power Conference to Advance Women.

Her talk on recognizing the signs of burnout and providing the tools to deal with it was both helpful and timely.

My team and I look forward to working with her again! Thank you!

Gus Calabrese

Event Producer, Utility Events

I had the opportunity to interview Janice on the link between well-being and happiness at work. At the Global Happiness at Work Summit 2021 Janice shared her insights on the shared responsibility of organizations, managers and employees to prevent burnout.

Janice is a skilled speaker and a passionate defender of workplace well-being.

Kim Hilgert

Well-being Consultant, Tryangle / Happiness at Work Summit, Belgium

Janice provided a presentation on Banishing Burnout to our Rogue Valley SHRM Chapter of Oregon this month. She did a great job of providing tools to help us navigate unchartered territory such as communicating and establishing clear boundaries in a time where the lines are blurred (in my case, working remotely), establishing priorities, and taking ownership of our own well-being instead of leaving it to others to fill our time.

Afterwards, she helped provide guidance on a specific situation I needed clarity on. Her advice was spot on. I highly recommend Janice!

Ann-Marie Ramsey (Rogue Vly SHRM)

Healthcare Talent Acquisition Partner, St. Charles Health System

Janice was a guest speaker on our Women’s Employee Resource Group webcast earlier this summer and it was a great success. We received a ton of positive feedback and many of our listeners were able to relate to her message and benefit from her helpful tips.

She was very engaging and provided some great resources post event!

Yana Abramchuk

Account Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Janice hosted our women’s resource group monthly webinar on banishing burnout and we’re still receiving positive feedback about it! Janice was collaborative, professional and an overall pleasure to work with.

Her talk on burnout is incredibly relevant, engaging and the tools she provides are practical takeaways that anyone can start doing right away.

If you’re looking for someone to speak on this topic for your organization or company – look no further than Janice!

Ela Wojt

Sr. Manager - Strategic Projects, Guaranteed Rate Companies

Janice led a women’s employee resource group session at our company and within minutes of listening, I was fully engaged, learning and ready to learn more. Well spoken, lasting lessons that really stuck with me and tons of information for me to digest and improve upon. I couldn’t recommend Janice enough. I ordered her book that day and emailed her to continue to learn from her wisdom in the future!

If you get a chance to book her for a speaking engagement, you won’t be disappointed!

Mary Sue Caranna

Production Manager, Guaranteed Rate Companies

I had the opportunity to attend one of Janice Litvin’s recent sessions hosted by Guaranteed Rate of Women (GROW) – “Banish Burnout: Move from Stress to Success.”

It was one of the ‘BEST’ sessions I have experienced regarding real life and easy to implement action steps to eliminate stress and tension in your life. It is so important for organizations to help their people at work develop the skills to manage stress by changing behavior. Manager and team burnout could spill over to many more levels and amount to a culture problem.

Jan Thomas

Manager, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Guaranteed Rate Companies

After a year and a half of exhausting work amidst a pandemic, Janice was just what the doctor ordered!

I invited her to present her Banish Burnout session to a group of Volunteers of America (VOA) executives, teaching them practical skills and perspectives to move beyond burnout into healthy, balanced living.

Janice was incredibly thorough in her preparation for the session, truly taking the time to get to know the audience and the organization.

The presentation itself was energetic and engaging, and it received great reviews from those who attended. We are so grateful for her help!

Nicole Jones

SVP Organizational Development, VOA

Janice was a guest speaker on behalf of our women’s employee resource group on the discussion of banishing burnout. We all learned some very valuable tips that we can use in both the workplace and at home.

Can’t wait to work through her book!

Samantha Jones

Scientific Sales Representative / Co-President Women’s Employee Resource Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Janice provided an excellent presentation to our Women’s Group at the Concord Chamber of Commerce. She was both professional and entertaining.

From the beginning of the virtual meeting until the end she engaged with our group and provided useful real-life information. We will have Janice back in the future to work with our group again. Thank you, Janice!

Kevin Cabral

President & CEO, Concord Chamber of Commerce

It was a pleasure and honor to work with Janice on her Banish Burnout: Move from Stress to Success presentation at the COO Forum.

Senior executives who find themselves facing a job transition are in particular need of banishing burnout!

Janice’s valuable thoughts on setting healthy boundaries and managing stress from the inside out, offered a unique solution for preventing burnout during this very stressful life phase.

Laura Weikle


Janice Litvin presented a workshop for SHRM Northern California on “Banishing Burnout” for HR professionals and was engaging and insightful.

She is passionate on the subject of wellness and health and brought such great energy to her presentation.

I would recommend Janice as a great resource and subject matter expert in the area of health and wellness. 

Gina Ayllon

Executive Director, SHRM Nor Cal

In Janice’s thoughtful Banish Burnout workshop, she was able to engage a diverse population from mechanics to C-suite executives at Tri Delta Transit.

She provided a valuable framework for management and staff to identify ways to alleviate stress, create healthful boundaries and work towards a sustainable and joyful work environment.

As a manager I was able to use the common vocabulary Janice provided to speak with my staff about concerns they may have around workload and stress management.

Thank you Janice for your insightful conversation and on going support.

Maria Arce

Communications Director, Tri Delta Transit

I had the pleasure of working with Janice at the CAVO 2021 Virtual Work Conference as a session facilitator.

Janice’s passion for helping working people overcome fatigue and burnout is contagious.

She provides great practical examples and easy-to-adopt practices throughout her presentation.

I hope to work with her again!

Kent Tonkin

Assistant Professor - Human Resources Management, Saint Francis University

When it comes to the topic of workplace wellness Janice Litvin is always the first name that comes to mind!

Her Banish Burnout approach to dealing with the stress and anxiety of everyday life is second to none.

Through her writing, speaking, coaching, and teaching, she can help anyone to be more mentally, emotionally, and physically able to perform, to produce, and to prosper…in every aspect of their lives.

Todd Cherches

CEO, Executive Coach, Big Blue Gumball

I worked with Janice on a webinar for Meetings Today and she was fantastic. It was a particularly difficult, very specific, topic that required a lot of research and back-and-forth.

Janice really went above and beyond any speaker I’ve worked with to really get the subject matter very focused.

She also worked with the client to incorporate them into the presentation and participated in very detailed rehearsals. She really put the effort in to make sure everything was right, and the program was a great success.

Tyler Davidson

Vice President, Meetings Today

A heart-felt thank you from me and the Chicago SHRM community for your uplifting presentation today.

Your presentation provided tools to help reframe negative thought processes and help to find our way to happy!

We appreciate your time in sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

Cindy Zemke, SHRM CP

Chair, Breakfast Bites, Chicago SHRM

Janice presented her topic “Banish Burnout: Move from Stress to Success” to our WellRight customers and prospects. She inspired us and our audience with her insights from personal experience and cognitive behavior therapy methodologies.

Our audience was super engaged! Thank you, Janice. We’re looking forward to working with her again.

Lynn Zimmerman

Vice President of Marketing, WellRight

Janice Litvin brings it!

Her energetic keynotes rev up audiences. She’s equally adept at helping devotees chill and relieving stress as they banish burnout. As both a dynamic speaker and compassionate coach, Janice blends health knowledge and know-how with a determination to help you live your most fulfilling life. Let Janice be your partner in success.

Craig Harrison (NSA Nor Cal)

Trainer, Facilitator, Expressions of Excellence

I was lucky enough to attend Janice’s talk about workplace wellness. One of the things that I learned was that you need to have wellness champions all over the company. She got tremendous energy in the room, people brainstorming ideas, getting people to share what they do with their wellness programs. I highly recommend Janice as a speaker.

Wendy Hanson (HR West)

Co-Founder, CEO, Better Manager

I had the pleasure of seeing Janice present at the San Mateo High School District Employee Development Day. I liked Janice’s positive message, her interactions with the audience, and that she had a number of examples to share. Her ideas about setting healthy boundaries was appropriate for our audience, particularly the section about not allowing work to affect employees’ mood, their outlook on life, and how they communicate with others. I liked the motivation to journal daily, especially her idea about her stress audit.

Kirk Black

Deputy Superintendent, Instruction and Human Resouces, San Mateo Union High School District

Janice lives and breathes encouragement for a healthy lifestyle. She combines creative, fun exercise with lots of health tips and reminders, and is first in line to support community partners such as the American Heart Association and its Go Red for Heart campaign. Janice creates community with her students. I love her classes!

Laura Kaufman

Editor, John Muir Health Physician News

Janice came into my office a few months back and gave a very informative and engaging talk about heart health. The talk was very interactive giving the audience a chance to gain a true understanding of risks and ways to mitigate these risks. I would definitely recommend Janice to lead another discussion as she is a subject matter expert.

Ryan Anson

Technical Recruiter, Facebook

Kurt Shaver – Sonoma County Tourism at PCMA Leap Conference

Mark Desset – Port Kitchens – MPI ACE Conference Wellness Panel – San Franisco

Tawanna Lewis at PCMA Leap Conference

Seth Turner (City of SJ) – MMA NC Conference

John Stefanski, Pres MMANC

Lashone Sweeney – American Staffing Assoc. Conference

Lance Snider, VP – The Plus Group (Staffing Firm)

Traunza Adams – OODA Health

CMA Conference – Virgil Barrientos

CMA Conference – Joe Di Martini

CMA Conference – Oscar Aparicio – S & S Activewear

CMA Conference – Andrea Clarke – Mizuno

MN SHRM Conference – Tom Guertzke

The Plus Group Employee Development Day – Angelina

Yasmeen Hantuli – Registered Dietitian

Cal SAE Conference – Jeff Bunkin – Feathr

Jay Spence – Uprise at

SHRM Conference

Paul Scarpignato – Rideau Solutions at SHRM Conference

Sally Harrison – San Mateo Union HSD

Coral Reef Alliance

Pamela Ortega & Tessa Ebanks

Janice gave a presentation to The Transition Network which was very well received by our members. Inspiring, invigorating and informative….those were the words participants used to describe the Wellness and Nutrition presentation Janice gave to our group. Thank you Janice!!!!

Joan Varrone

Program Chair, The Transition Network

Janice is very passionate about wellness and ensuring that companies are doing all they can for the right reasons. I loved the many takeaways, including some easy things my company can implement and keep doing on a regular basis.

Janet Park

Benefits Analyst, Nutanix, San Francisco

Book Janice for your Next Event!