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Six Ways to Get Your Reactions to Stress Under Control

This year more than any other we have learned that we are stressed beyond our limits. Stress was already becoming an issue with 66% of Americans approaching burnout, according to Gallup.1 Then to top things off the Corona Virus came tumbling down upon us to completely turn our world upside down. Company leaders suddenly had to respond as quickly...
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Janice Litvin to appear in Speaker Showcase 3/25

On March 25th at 9 am PDT I will be presenting 8 minutes of my Banish Burnout content in this upcoming Speaker Showcase. You are all invited as our guest. My ideas come straight from my Banish Burnout keynote speech and workshops. You will be able to put these techniqes into practice immediately. Bonus: I will be giving each...
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Justin Jones-Fosu Interviews Janice about Banish Burnout Toolkit

I recently had the pleasure of talking with my colleague, Justin Jones-Fosu, diversity speaker and author of Your WHY Matters NOW: How Some Achieve More and Others Don’t. Justin interviewed me about my new book, Banish Burnout Toolkit. Justin Jones-Fosu: We're going to dive in to find out practical ways and strategies to reduce stress, no matter...
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