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The Banish Burnout Toolkit is a workbook designed to help you learn how to change your reactions to stress from the inside out, so you can prevent burnout. This book is based on my Banish Burnout: Move from Stress to Success™  keynote and workshop, that engage teams to stop and take stock of their reactions to stress, where they came from, and how to change them. This workbook takes you and your teams step-by-step through the journey of untangling your negative patterns to effect real behavior change for life.

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Foreword by Rick Hecht, LMFT – Mental Health & Wellbeing Expert

Stress is an inevitable, and necessary part of life, but it can be motivating or destructive.

The negative impact that stress and burnout have on our health, happiness, and productivity is well-documented and widely accepted. Stressors can lead to unhealthy choices: stress-eating, depression-fueled lethargy, and the abuse of drugs, alcohol, and nicotine.

In the Banish Burnout Toolkit™, Janice Litvin combines her passion, experience, and expertise for health and wellbeing to deliver an easy-to-use, easy-to-follow compendium of exercises, activities and information to help manage stress, modify maladaptive thinking, and mitigate burnout.  

She brings it all together, leveraging key components of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, and Mindfulness.

Praise for Banish Burnout Toolkit™

Janice Litvin takes an ageless truth (pause before reacting) and weaves it into a timely message for surviving and growing during these stressful times. The Banish Burnout Toolkit is user friendly and practical. I recommend it most highly.

Jim Purcell, Former CEO, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of RI; Founder of Returns on Wellbeing Institute 

If you’re seeking sanity in an unprecedented time, look no further. Janice Litvin’s Banish Burnout Toolkit is an excellent step-by-step guide to counter stress and burnout, filled with examples and exercises that are both relatable and actionable. I highly recommend it!

Laura Putnam, Author of Workplace Wellness That Works and CEO, Founder of Motion Infusion

Changing and developing new habits can be difficult. This workbook takes the complex and sometimes invisible aspects that make change difficult and breaks them down into easily and immediately accessible exercises. It allows the reader to ask deeply valuable questions to identify and remove emotional blocks, which are often hidden. That makes for a combination of simplicity and removing obstacles from the roots, which is absolutely brilliant!

Reut Schwartz-Hebron, Expert in Neuroscience and Difficult Change and Author of The Art and Science of Changing People Who Don’t Want to Change

Stress and burnout are at all-time highs. We can all benefit from the practical and actionable techniques in the Banish Burnout Toolkit. Janice provides practices we can incorporate into our daily lives, so we can be more fulfilled, happier, and healthier. 

Mari Ryan, MBA, MHP, CWP, CEO/Founder of Advancing Wellness and Award-winning author of The Thriving Hive: How People Centric Workplaces Ignite Engagement and Fuel Results

At last, a stress management book that is practical and not theoretical – written by a stress management expert, who knows what she is talking about.

Patricia Fripp, Past President, National Speakers Association, Executive Speech Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Author of World Class Speaking: The Ultimate Guide to Presenting, Marketing and Profiting Like a Champion

Janice Litvin is the go-to person when it comes to Wellness in the Workplace. Her workbook, Banish Burnout Toolkit™ is packed with real life, how-to and easy-to-implement action steps to eliminate the stress and tension in your life. Her section on practicing self-care has already made an impact on my life. It is a great resource guide which I am recommending to my network!

Arnold Sanow, MBA, CSP, Speaker and Author of Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Pay attention to the advice in this comprehensive workbook. Use the tool to conduct an honest self-audit and Janice’s S.T.O.P. process to your life. You will be so glad you did.

Neen James, Keynote Speaker and Author of Attention Pays

 Want a stress management book that offers concrete strategies and practical solutions for those who lead and work in a high-paced environment? Read Banish Burnout Toolkit to negotiate work and drive winning performance with everyone on your team.

Linda Swindling, JD, CSP, Negotiation Expert and Author of Ask Outrageously: The Secret to Getting What You Really Want!

Janice Litvin’s Banish Burnout Toolkit™ is an incredibly valuable resource for managing stress and burnout!

Importantly she addresses how early hurtful messages lead to taking things personally, overreacting and self-criticizing. The Banish Burnout Toolkit™ shows you how to break the cycle of self-doubt, which can cause reduced performance and productivity. The Stop and Audit exercises –– especially the Reality Spin reframes –– provide opportunities for developing new choices for responding to old triggers.

Elayne Savage, PhD, Practicing Psychotherapist, Workplace Coach and Author of Don’t Take It Personally! The Art of Dealing with Rejection

I Promise you that Janice Litvin has created a work that will influence your business, home, and personal life with a much needed, extremely timely book in Banish Burnout Toolkit.  For the WFH parent like me, I’d say Tool #5 regarding setting healthy boundaries at home is of the essence to every reader this day and time, along with so many other powerful concepts within. I highly endorse this great workbook, as well as Janice as an authority on the subject of reducing stress, an author, and a wonderful speaker.

Jason Hewlett, Author of The Promise to The One, Hall of Fame Speaker, Award-Winning Entertainer 

Stress comes in many forms and, unfortunately, is not going to disappear. What makes the difference in our lives is how we react to stress. In her Banish Burnout Toolkit. Janice Litvin provides practical ideas and suggestions that we can implement that will change how we think about and deal with stress. And, ultimately, Banish Burnout.

Susan Roane, Keynote Speaker, The Mingling Maven® and Author of How to Work a Room and The Secrets of Savvy Networking

I am proud to brandish my Banish Burnout Toolkit™ workbook for all to see. It is a wonderful compendium that blends stories with stats, physiology and psychology, relates great stories of the author’s and others’ who’ve struggled before succeeding in banishing stress and regaining a balanced life. This workbook contains my favorite kinds of exercises…ones I can complete while remaining seated! Janice brings wisdom derived from her worlds of high-tech and home life to bear in this well organized, logical workbook that will simultaneously enhance the quality of your life even as it extends yours. This workbook works! Thank you, Janice for this companion to usher us through the pandemic into a brighter future free from stress. 

Craig Harrison, Speaker, Founder, Expressions Of Excellence and Author of Stellar Service! Merge WOW with NOW to Create Customers for Life

Banish Burnout Toolkit™ by Janice Litvin, Workplace Wellness Speaker, is just what the doctor ordered!

It provides the reader with a practical and valuable collection of tools, tips, and techniques for reducing overwhelm and stress so as to enhance both their wellbeing and productivity. After reading this book cover-to-cover, I am feeling less stressed already. Dealing with stress is not an event, but a process — and not a destination, but a journey. I am very glad to have Litvin’s book to carry with me along the way.

Todd Cherches, CEO of Big Blue Gumball, and author of VisuaLeadership: Leveraging the Power of Visual Thinking in Leadership and in Life

Whether you think you are on the road to burnout or not, in our 24/7 culture, each of us is susceptible in some way(s). In the Banish Burnout Toolkit™, Janice Litvin offers comprehensive and practical strategies that not only minimize your risk of actually burning out, but which can enhance your life, daily and nightly. The more you deal with stress during your waking hours, the more you set the stage for an essential good night’s sleep. Thank you Janice for empowering people to move towards health and well-being, both essential for success and joy. 

Nancy H. Rothstein, MBA, The Sleep Ambassador®

We all have been “told” the best ways to manage stress. So, why don’t the strategies that work for others work for you?  The answer is simple, you are not “them.” Janice Litvin’s Banish Burnout Toolkit™ provides a practical approach that will enable you to create concrete stress management solutions that work best for you.

Susan Schwartz, Executive and Organizational Coach, Trainer, and Author of  Creating a Greater Whole: A Project Manager’s Guide to Becoming a Leader

Stress isn’t going away. The Banish Burnout Toolkit™ is a great resource for anyone looking to better manage their stress. The workbook is filled with great insights and practical ways to reflect, assess, and make any adjustments.

Allison Tabor, Executive Coach, Professional Speaker, Facilitator and Bestselling Author of Work Your ASSets Off, Stop Working So Hard in Business and in Life

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