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 Janice Litvin, Workplace Burnout Expert

We are in a burnout crisis. Over 79% of American workers have reported feeling burnout.

And not only are workers suffering, but so is the bottom line because burned out workers cannot be their best. And then they leave. It costs 50-200% of salary to replace those workers. And there’s a hole in the productivity matrix, while you’re trying to replace them.

That is where I come in. With twenty years in corporate IT, banking, and recruiting, I saw many cases of burnout first-hand. Now, I help both leaders and teams prevent that burnout.

The change has to start at the top, with the culture.

The first step is to form a culture, rich with values and policies that support the well-being of employees.

Then I help managers learn how to connect to their emotional intelligence and become the manager no one wants to leave.

Finally, I work with the teams to change their reactions to stress from the inside out, and to set healthy boundaries.

If you would like to learn how to prevent burnout for your organization, get in touch.

Speaking Topics

Improve your retention, engagement, and  productivity by helping your teams engage in well-being, banish burnout, and get happy. It is more cost-effective to keep employees healthy and productive than to replace them.

Happy employees make a healthy company.

Banish Burnout Toolkit™

This workbook, based on the Banish Burnout: Move from Stress to Success™ program, is designed to help you and your teams manage stress from the inside out. That means, helping your employees recognize and change the way they react to stress.

The result: real behavior change for life.

Why Book Janice to Speak?

As a burnout expert and  SHRM recertification provider, Janice is passionate about well-being and wants to help teams create the behavior change she has made in her own life. She inspires teams and audiences to take action with humorous stories, lively interactions, and impactful tools.

Featured Clients

If you are looking for a speaker who will entertain and educate your audience on how to live a healthier and more vibrant life, you are at the right place. 

Janice Litvin is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Her passion for wellness and her deep knowledge of burnout make her a good choice. When we hired her to keynote our meeting, the entire audience was dancing, including a 94-year-old member.

Patricia Fripp
President – FrippTV Powerful Persuasive Presentations

President – Fripp & Associates

Past President – National Speaker Association

Janice is a recognized thought-leader in the health and wellbeing space, and for good reason.

She is thoughtful, insightful, and a fine speaker. I recommend her most highly.

Janice’s book, The Banish Burnout Toolkit™  is user friendly and practical. She takes an ageless truth (pause before reacting) and weaves it into a timely message for surviving and growing during these stressful times. I recommend it most highly

Jim Purcell
Founder – Returns on Well Being Institute

Former CEO – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island
Healthcare Public Speaker

Janice came onsite as part of the City’s wellness program and presented Banish Burnout: Move from Stress to Success™.

She is full of energy and her workshops engage the audience. Employees enjoyed having her on-site and were focused throughout the hour-long presentation.

Janice played high energy music and even led some Zumba moves. Janice is very enthusiastic and passionate about wellness and this makes her a great resource. I would highly recommend Janice as a well-being partner!

Winta Berhane
Human Resource Manager
City of Sunnyvale

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